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Walking You Through It

You have a story that you want to tell, however, you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of sharing your story and you aren’t even sure where to begin. The What’s Your Story? books and programs help you from start to finish in identifying why you want to tell your story, whether you want to write a book, motivate your peers, or enhance your presentations.

Key Elements

The What’s Your Story? course and workbook are designed for you to get results immediately with the thought-provoking exercises and instruction that are provided. Rachel Renee is a writing coach who is known for unlocking the heart of a writer and helping them reach their audiences in a powerful way. Will you be the next to benefit from her coaching?

Hit the Mark

Did you know that you can book Rachel Renee for your group or organization for a fun, meaningful, interactive experience in writing and sharing your personal stories? Be able to practice your writing and sharing in a safe environment with your trusted peers and get valuable feedback before using your material out in the world.

Reasons to book a What’s Your Story Workshop for your Group


For a guided memoir-writing experience


To enhance communication within your organization


For step-by-step instruction and coaching in book writing


To build your business by learning how to effectively build relationships


To learn how to make a lasting impression and gain influence in other's lives


To take advantage of our Group Rates

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*Modules can be modified based on the needs of your group*

What’s Your Story? Program Modules

*This program can be tailored to your group, based on your goals and needs.
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Finding the Why

Identify motivating reasons for telling your story and discuss the impact associated with each factor. Is it your family, your community, your faith, a cause? Let’s talk about it.

Tools & Tips

Obtain the best tools for organizing and planning your writing, including methods to free you from any limitations and writing blocks.

Sharing the Legacy

Reflect on different moments from your life that have helped to shape the person you are today and explore how the knowledge of lessons you’ve learned and experiences you’ve had could benefit your family.

Discovering the Power of Your Story

Your story is just your story, right? Wrong! You have the potential to help so many people by simply sharing your personal story. Discover the power of your story to make an impact.

The Past Sometimes Gets in the Way

One major source of writer’s block is quite often something from the writer’s past. In fact, the past often gets in the way when it comes to creativity in any situation. Uncover the blockage, address it, and learn how to move on from it.

The Relationship Factor

Find out how we are connected to other people and how to wield influence in all areas by honoring that connection. Multiply your ability to attract clients, gain a loyal following, and create longevity.

Is it Real Yet?

Make your story come alive, transforming it from mere words to something that everyone can relate to by being authentic and genuine.

Make the Connection

Apply the skills acquired through this work in real life, everyday situations, using your stories to help you communicate more effectively with others and get the results you want and need.

Share it, Speak it

Learn how to use your story effectively in oral presentations, whether it is a five minute encouragement or a keynote address.

The Spirit is in the Details

Enhance the writing and telling of your story by honing in on the important details. Learn how to paint pictures with words for the greatest impact.

Have a Plan, Work the Plan

Learn how to create a project plan for your book, speech, or other project, from start to finish. Includes planning sheets that can be copied and used for any purpose.


Exercises to support each lesson and further the conversation for increased learning; guest speakers on special topics such as marketing, multiple streams of income from your story, what can happen when you share your story, and more…

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What’s Your Story? – Workbook for Writers, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs

The What’s Your Story? – Workbook is a guide that helps writers, speakers, and entrepreneurs look inward to pull out the details that will help them make the greatest impact in their family, their businesses, and in society. The exercises are selected from bestselling author Rachel Renee’s highly effective workshops and coaching programs, based on feedback received from those who used her guidance to produce their own writings.

“This book teaches you how to get in touch with the greater you, the you that has a story to tell and knows that it needs to be told at all costs, the you that is tired of saying “no” and is now ready to give it your all. I don’t recommend many things because there are too many factors to consider before you can put your name on the line for someone else, but I recommend the What’s Your  Story? books and Rain Publishing. Get this book in your life, in your heart and on your shelf…” – Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland, Grow Your Dreams Network


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What’s Your Story? – Questions that lead to Authentic, Powerful Writing


Some of the most memorable moments in life are when we obtain the answers to our burning questions. What’s Your Story? – Questions that Lead to Authentic, Powerful Writing is a pocket guide written by editor and writing coach Rachel Renee, packed with questions to keep your creativity flowing and ensure that your writing connects powerfully with your readers.

“After reading this book, I was left feeling as if I had the GPS to plug in the information that has now fueled a book out of me. The book was very user-friendly and I recommend it to anyone who is unclear on what to do and how to do as it relates to penning your first book. Thank you Rachel. God bless and blessings on every endeavor.” – Tschanna Taylor – Author


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